In addition to two art courses per year, seventh and eighth graders may choose from the following trimester electives or take a third trimester of art.


Improvisation class is another trimester course. Students use the body, voice, and imagination to create original characters and scenes in a collaborative and supportive environment. They learn how to properly warm up the body and focus the mind for acting. Emphasis is placed on playing drama games that encourage spontaneity, creativity, ensemble acting and characterization.  Students also learn basic acting skills through the study of pantomime and original scene building. 
Scenes on Stage
In Scenes on Stage, students explore how to use the body and voice expressively through scripted work. Students participate in warm-up activities and drama games that encourage relaxation, physical control, and concentration. Emphasis is placed on building a trusting environment where students can collaborate and take risks in their acting. Students learn about character objective and motivation, and they search for the clues in a script that help them make choices for their characters. Students also practice rehearsal skills and perform short scenes and a monologue for the class.


Filmmaking is a highly collaborative class in which students watch, discuss, review, and create films. Students are introduced to filmmaking terms and techniques using an online visual glossary and interactive learning tool. Each day students learn new filmmaking techniques and experiment with these techniques through a series of quick small projects which highlight different aspects of filmmaking: image, sound, story, character, setting, structure, mood, theme, and point-of-view.  
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