Introduction to Theatre Arts  
Explore the world of theatre through history, improv, play analysis, and design. This projects-based theatre course introduces you to the main components of theatre. You will build a replica and Shakespeare's theatre, do an escape room with your own theatre terminology, create your own costume and make up design for your favorite play or musical, build a 3D model theatre set and much more! 
Musical Theatre and Performance  
Raise your voice in the fun, dance, music, and drama filled class. Musical Theatre performance will focus on the form, history, and performance of musical theatre. Projects include adapting a pop song into a musical theatre scene, presentation on your new favorite musical, and mock auditions! You will also get to see two musicals throughout semesters plus hundreds of clips, interviews, and more with your favorite Broadway performers! 

Introduction to Acting and Improv 
Through self and collaborative exploration, students will develop skills in all aspects of acting. During this course students will investigate stagecraft, voice, movement, text, improvisation, and performance within focused units of study. Students will develop vocal, memory, and physical skills necessary for an actor. Students will learn audition techniques and experience a live or mock audition. Students will develop confidence in being in front of people. Students will expand their knowledge of theatrical works.  
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