Norwood’s Program in Action

The academic program at Norwood is rich, varied, exciting, and active. It is designed to develop the skills necessary for success in today’s world, while both stretching children intellectually and developing a lifelong love of learning. Watch the following videos to see Norwood’s program in action; click here to see more.
Learning about Gravity

100th Day of School

Grade 1
Squid Dissection

Grade 1
Cooking Up Some Fun
Grades 1 & 2
Designing Ear Trumpets

Grade 2
Complex Problems & Simple Machines

Grade 3
Swinging into Action

Grade 3
Native American Museum
Grade 4
The Big Dig

Grade 4
Crazy for Chickens

Grade 5
Contraption Challenges

Grade 5
Cartooning and Math
Grade 6
Let’s Make a Deal

Grade 7
U.N. Water Challenge

Grades 7 & 8
Intersession 2018

Grades K-8
Monster Math Week

- Danae, '17

Norwood is a great place where students can be themselves and grow into the person they want to be. There is something for everyone at Norwood – even if they have not yet found it.

Located in Bethesda, MD, Norwood School develops students in grades PK-8 into confident lifelong learners who have the academic, character, and leadership skills to succeed in high school and beyond. Recognizing that children are multi-faceted, Norwood provides many opportunities for safe risk-taking, exploration, discovery, and growth in a nurturing, supportive, and inclusive school community.