Affording Norwood

Affording Norwood - Tuition & Financial Aid

As a national thought leader for child-centered PK-8 education, Norwood School remains in the low-range to mid-range of tuition and fees for comparable independent schools in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area through careful planning and operating efficiencies. Affordability is a top priority in alignment with the School’s mission. Norwood takes pride in its low teacher-student ratio and high racial and socioeconomic diversity.

2024-2025 Tuition and Fees

*Tuition payment options: 10-pay FACTS payment plan. The FACTS payment plan accept credit cards for a nominal fee. Norwood does not accept credit card payments for the 1-payment or 2-payment plans.

Need-based Financial Aid

One of our core beliefs at Norwood is finding 'Strength in Our Differences.' In order to achieve this, we provide a need-based financial aid program that has a two-fold purpose:
  • To provide students an opportunity for an education that might otherwise be inaccessible for them.
  • To provide the School with a well-qualified student body reflecting the economic diversity of the community that surrounds it.

If your family has a financial hardship or is applying for financial aid, please request an application fee waiver code by filling out this form. 

Award Criteria

Financial aid process:
  1. Your family fills out a financial aid application through Clarity Tuition.
  2. Norwood processes the application and proposes a family contribution to education.
  3. Norwood’s financial aid committee meets to review and finalize awards.
  4. Awards are communicated along with admission decision letters.
Admissions General Deadlines

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Do financial aid awards need to be repaid?

    Financial aid awards do not require repayment. Awards are outright grants supported by Norwood School's restricted gifts and annual operating budget.
  • Does applying for financial aid influence the admission decision?

    No. Norwood School accepts students based on academic merit, test scores, references, and personal qualities. Financial aid files are reviewed, and awards are made only after a student is admitted. However, financial aid requests for new students must be made by the February 1 deadline in order for an award to be considered.
  • Do I have to apply for financial aid before I know my child has been admitted?

    Yes. Only those students who have applied for financial aid by February 1 and have been accepted by the Admission Committee will be considered for financial aid.
  • What happens if the parents are divorced or separated?

    Norwood School believes that parents have an obligation to pay for the educational expenses of their children to the extent that they are able and that takes precedence over the School's responsibility to provide financial assistance. The Financial Aid Committee will consider the assets of both parents, if living, before making any award. If either parent has remarried, the committee will also consider the income and assets of the step-parent. Therefore, it is necessary that both parents and their current spouses, if any, complete a PFS. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to ask the non-custodial parent to complete a PFS.
  • I sometimes file an extension beyond April 15 for my taxes. How will this affect my financial aid award?

    In addition to sending in supporting documents by January 15, you will need to complete your taxes early enough to meet the April 15 deadline in order to receive a financial aid award. If you have questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact Alex Ragone, Director of Admission and Enrollment Management, for clarification or to discuss special circumstances.
  • Is financial aid automatically renewed each year?

    Norwood School requires families receiving financial aid to reapply each year. As long as the student remains at our school, financial aid will generally be renewed each year according to demonstrated need. Changes in such things as income, family status, or the number of children attending tuition-charging institutions may result in increases or decreases in an award. Every application is reviewed annually. When allocating awards, Norwood meets the needs of returning students first.

Please feel free to contact the office at any time to ask a question or arrange a visit.

Contact the Admission Office

Email: Phone: 301-841-2130

Located in Bethesda, MD, Norwood School develops students in grades PK-8 into confident lifelong learners who have the academic, character, and leadership skills to succeed in high school and beyond. Recognizing that children are multi-faceted, Norwood provides many opportunities for safe risk-taking, exploration, discovery, and growth in a nurturing, supportive, and inclusive school community.