Recreational Teams & Facilities Rental

Norwood School does not create any teams of its own to play in recreational leagues sponsored by Montgomery Soccer, Inc. (MSI), the Montgomery County Department of Parks and Recreation, or Potomac Boys and Girls Club. However, the School does encourage the creation of these teams by parents and the full participation of its students. Parents are urged to be mindful of how they interact with children other than their own and to be aware of their impact on young children. In this regard, the School provides guidelines for team formation and use of Norwood property. Parents must follow these guidelines for teams to use the School's athletic facilities.

Norwood’s athletic facilities and fields are scheduled by the Auxiliary Programs Office (301-841-2167). Norwood interscholastic teams take priority and have set practice and competition schedules. Unused times and locations are available for use by recreational league teams coached by Norwood parents, currently have former or current Norwood students on the team, and formed according to the guidelines below. Our security officer maintains a list of available times and locations along with an application for parents to fill out to request field or facility use.
Beginning in fifth grade, the School hopes its students will choose Norwood interscholastic teams over recreational league teams. However, for those whose interests and schedules allow them to do both successfully, the School supports dual participation.

Recreational Teams and Facilities Rental Team

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    Kevin Rechen 

    Director of Auxiliary and Summer Programs
    James Madison University - B.S.
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    Mitch Weisbrot 

    Athletic Director and Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs
    University of Tampa - B.S.
    Goucher College - M.Ed.
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    McKinley Moseley 

    Auxiliary Programs Manager and Camp Co-Director
    Appalachian State University - B.S.

Team Formation Guidelines

In forming new teams, coaches or managers should distribute applications to all members of the grade (or all boys, all girls, or entire grade) with a deadline for submission. If the number of interested players exceeds the number of openings – and no other parent volunteers to coach a second team – then the team slots should be filled by a lottery. Team coaches and managers are automatically given slots for their children. Teams are encouraged to keep waiting lists of interested Norwood students or to contact all potential members of the grade as openings occur. In the absence of a waiting list, openings should be filled by lottery.

Coaches may choose to form or move their team to a "select" status following procedures established by the appropriate league. Students and parents should understand that coaches of select teams have the right to choose players based on subjectively-measured factors such as skill, attitude, and willingness/ability to play a particular position. Coaches should inform parents and give the entire grade an opportunity to try out for the team. Select teams comprised of at least one-third current Norwood students may apply for facility/field use and will be accommodated after non-select team applications are processed.

For scheduling information and applications, contact the Auxiliary Programs Office or call 301-841-2167.
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