Blue Hawk Athletics

Athletics is an important part of Norwood’s physical education program. Students in grades PK-6 take P.E. four times a week; fifth and sixth graders have the option to participate in interscholastic athletics in addition to their P.E. class; and seventh and eighth graders fulfill their physical education requirements by participating on an athletic team, in Norwood’s signature outdoor education program called Summit, or in other P.E. offerings such as strength and conditioning. Throughout the physical education, athletic, and Summit programs, the emphasis is on skills development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

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  • Fall Season

    Cross Country (Coed)
    Boys Soccer
    Girls Soccer 
    Fall Summit (Coed)
    Volleyball (Girls)
  • Winter Season

    Boys Basketball 
    Girls Basketball
    Strength & Conditioning (Coed)
    Winter Summit (Coed)
  • Spring Season

    Baseball (Boys)
    Boys Lacrosse
    Girls Lacrosse
    Softball (Girls)
    Spring Summit (Coed)
    Track & Field (Coed)

Our Teams


Summit provides exposure to an exciting variety of outdoor adventure sports while focusing on the physical fitness goals of the Norwood athletics program. We believe the nature of adventure sports provides an innate challenge for participants, in terms of both physical fitness and leadership skills.
Each season, students are taught the essential skills in order to be safe, competent, and confident in undertaking a specific adventure sport. Each one-hour class is focused on skill building and practice. Students learn to tie a well-dressed figure-eight knot for climbing or learn how to read a map to build their skills and confidence in navigating an outdoor hike. They also learn to be responsible for their own equipment, their safety, and the group's safety. They progress to learn situational awareness and their shared responsibility for their group's success.
These learned skills are put into practice every week during a three-hour trip off campus. Trips include:
  • Indoor Bouldering
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Outdoor Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Orienteering
  • White Water Rafting
  •  Kayaking
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding
Building leadership skills through experience is an essential component of the Summit program. Students learn the theory of leadership and the steps to leading small groups. They apply these skills during an assigned Lead Days, which are progressive. They begin by leading a five-minute game in class, then progress to leading a one-hour class, and culminate into leading a three-hour off-campus trip. Each of these Lead Days involve a self-review and a peer review. Summit students learn the tools of self-reflection as well as the skills to provide constructive feedback during a peer review.
Summit instructors have the ability to meet students at every level of competence and confidence, and challenge them to push past their perceived limitations. As students achieve competence—whether in technical skills or planning a Lead Day—their confidence grows and empowers them to face the next level of challenge.


Athletic News

Meet Our Athletic Director

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    Mitch Weisbrot 

    Athletic Director and Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs
    University of Tampa - B.S.
    Goucher College - M.Ed.