Lower School Violin Program

The Norwood School Violin Program Information

Norwood has always been a happy place of learning filled with art and music, and the Lower School Violin Program has been a signature music program here at Norwood for 22 years running. Hundreds of students have been taught to play the violin during their early years at Norwood, have gone on to play in the Middle School String Orchestra, and continue to play in high school and beyond. We are immensely proud of this proven school-based program.

Children in kindergarten through fourth grade are given the option to add violin studies as a fee-based extracurricular activity. The program incorporates singing, solfege, movement, and music reading. Instruction by three highly experienced violin teachers includes two sessions per week: one one-hour group class, and one weekly private lesson. A student may be offered extra instruction, if needed, at a teacher's discretion. 

Students participate in several school performances as a Suzuki-group ensemble and they end the year with a showcase of their accomplishments in a recital for soloists. Past performances have included playing the National Anthem at several University of Maryland basketball games, two NAIS Teacher's Convention, and two past performances at the White House during the annual open house and holiday tour.


School-Based Lower School Violin Students

  • Student-focused program 
  • Encourage and develop curiosity, work ethic, teamwork, respect, responsibility, confidence, and creativity 
  • Home Practice is optional until the student can set up the violin and bow hand independently 


  • Limited Enrollment:  Open to K-4 grades at Norwood
  • 3rd and 4th-grade beginners are welcomed with an accelerated plan for summer lessons and extra help during the year, as needed
  • If interested in joining the 2024-2025 violin program, registration forms should be returned ASAP (no later than May 31, 2024).
  • Space is limited and students will be confirmed by June 15, 2024.  After September 1st, registration will close for the 2024-2025 school year
  • If space becomes available during the summer, we will pull from the waitlist to fill the spaces for the 2024-2025 school year
  • Registration reopens in May 2025

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Moyna Daley

    Moyna Daley 

    Lower School Strings Co-Coordinator
    University of Maryland - B.S. & B.Mus.Ed.
    Boston University - M.Mus.Ed.
  • Photo of Sylvia Lee

    Sylvia Lee 

    Lower School Strings Co-Coordinator
    University of Maryland - B.M.
    Ohio University - M.M.

The Curriculum

  • Suzuki-inspired
  • Ear-training first! With the use of daily listening to the recorded Suzuki repertoire (purchase CD or download digital Hilary Hahn Suzuki recordings for listening over the summer and school year)
  • Emphasis on character, then ability
  • Solid foundation in proper form and technique
  • Use of solfege
  • Dalcroze/Suzuki movement and Music Mind Games to reinforce rhythmic studies

The Violin Schedule

  • 1 private lesson and 1 group class per week
  • Private Lessons:  After School or PE Pullout (option to have lesson during one PE class per week in lieu of after school)
  • K & 1st Grade Group Class: Mondays at 2:35-3:30. Location TBD
  • 2nd Grade Group Class: Tuesdays at 2:35-3:30. Location TBD
  • 3rd Grade Group Class: Tuesdays at 3:35-4:30. Location TBD
  • 4th Grade Group Class: Thursdays at 3:30-4:30. Location TBD

Academic Year and Class Schedule

  • Private Lesson schedule sent by email in late August
  • Group Class and Afterschool Private Lessons begin the First week of school
  • PE Pullout Private Lessons begin the Second week of school

Summer Lessons

  • Recommended:  2-3 private sessions over the summer.  A parent (or caregiver) attends the summer lessons with student
  • Please schedule summer lessons with Mrs. Moyna Daley in June or July.
  • Unless you already own a violin, please do not purchase or rent one until after the first summer lesson. Mrs. Daley will provide a violin for the first lesson,and provide assistance with sizing.

Parent Expectations

  • Provide a good quality instrument
  • Schedule lessons
  • Keep in touch with teachers
  • Attend program/activities: school performances, community events, etc.
  • Encourage home practice and listen to the Suzuki violin repertoire 

Cost for 9-month participation in the program

$1320 per year.  Refer to Bill Teachum, Norwood Business Manager

Cost for Instrument Rental

Rental vs. purchase is highly recommended for the first instrument, and a properly sized instrument is extremely important.
To avoid damage to the instrument, please try to pick up the instrument at some point after your student’s first orientation summer lesson.