Acknowledging the pervasive impact implicit bias (Kirwan Institute) can have in our lives, we worked diligently to create a framework that would enable a more intentional and strategic approach to working against bias as a part of our curricular and pedagogical efforts. Utilizing the book Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves, along with several resources, we engaged in a year-long series of discussions and workshops to explore what a school-wide anti-bias approach might look like for Norwood School from PreK to 8th grade.
Borrowing themes and concepts from different sources we structured our work around 4 domains of anti-bias work: identity, diversity, equity and action. For each domain, we identified critical goals and engaged in several brainstorming sessions exploring essential questions and enduring understandings that would align best with our goals, reflect priorities of our grade level teams, and follow an age appropriate scope and sequence.
We’re proud to introduce Norwood School’s Anti-Bias Framework organized by the following age and grade ranges:

Recognizing anti-bias education as ongoing and developmental in nature, we will be utilizing these frameworks to scaffold our thinking moving forward as we continue to examine best practices for inclusive teaching pedagogy, identify curricular exemplars to strengthen and expand, and explore new and innovative ideas to enhance our collective anti-bias work.

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