Norwood has long understood inclusive and equitable diversity as central to our mission as a school. Recognizing the importance of gender and sexuality as core facets of identity along with the wider changing cultural landscape, we have been engaged over the past several years in learning, discussing and exploring what it means to be inclusive of Gender and Sexuality Diversity at Norwood.

Dr. Jennifer Bryan, national expert, author and leader in the field coined the term “Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD)” and described it as “… a broad construct that describes the continuums of biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and sexual identity.” As a concept, GSD helps us understand gender and sexual identities within a broader inherently diverse context which more accurately recognizes a broad range of experiences and identities as part of normal human development. Utilizing research from Dr. Bryan and other leading experts and organizations, Norwood has been dedicated to realizing a vision which is responsive and affirming to all members of our community along every part of the gender and sexuality spectrum.

Below are highlights of the work we’ve engaged in over the past several years:

Programs and Initiatives

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  • Diversity Leadership Council – 2016-2017

    Engaged in a year long study of best practices, research, resources and development opportunities surrounding gender and sexuality diversity on behalf of the school community and provided recommendations and resources to the school administration for further work.
  • Gender Identity Task Force – 2017-2018

    Comprised of faculty, staff and trustee members, the task force identified 4 areas of focus to engage with and provide recommendations around: curriculum and instruction; facilities, athletics & overnights; parent education/communication; records, privacy & pronouns. The school is engaged in ongoing efforts reflecting recommendations from the task force.
  • Visit from Schuyler Bailar – Fall 2018

    Schuyler Bailar, the first openly transgender NCAA athlete to compete in division 1 athletics, came to Norwood to share his powerful story of growth, self-determination and authenticity with parents, 4th-8th graders and faculty. His story has been a catalyst for continued learning and exploration of issues relevant to gender inclusive practice.
  • New Parent Gender and Sexuality Diversity Alliance – Fall 2019

    Following a series of informal gatherings over the past couple of years called the LGBT Parents and Allies Night Out, our Parents Association has created a formal space for parents to connect, discuss and reflect on issues of gender and sexuality diversity and inclusion at Norwood.

Why Address Gender & Sexuality?

  • Gender & sexuality are central components of healthy identity development for all children and adolescents.
  • Students bring their individual/collective experiences and questions about gender & sexuality to school every day.
  • Teachers need concepts and language for engaging with these essential aspects of human identity.
  • Gender and sexuality stereotypes disrupt classrooms, recess, friendships and critical thinking.
"To create a safe learning environment for all members of your community, you must address Gender and Sexuality Diversity."


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