Each year, Norwood's Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) holds a mini diversity conference for faculty and staff. Known as Diversity University, this event provides a dedicated space for exploring diverse viewpoints, inequities in our society, and areas of focus for building strong cultural competence on behalf of our school community. The 2018 Diversity University event offered five different discussion groups, each structured around the viewing of a video. Discussions were thoughtful, respectful, and meaningful as participants shared their own experiences and realities. 

Purpose of Diversity University

Facilitate open honest and respectful dialogue around how diversity-related issues connect to our work as educators and to reflect on how our own experiences and realities interact with these considerations.

  • Broaden and deepen understanding;
  • Promote culture of collaboration and exchange of ideas;
  • Model effective communication on complex issues;
  • Support intentional anti-bias work through a variety of lenses.
Considerations for effective dialogue:
  • Speak from the “I” perspective;
  • Listen for understanding;
  • Respect different realities;
  • Share air time;
  • Take risks and lean in;
  • Be fully present.

2018 Diversity University Videos:

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