Each year, Norwood's Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) holds a mini diversity conference for faculty and staff. Known as Diversity University, this event provides a dedicated space for exploring critical diversity related issues in the context of our work as educators, fostering the development of cultural competence for faculty and staff. During the 2022-2023 school year, members of the DLC are re-envisioning the opportunity Diversity University provides with a focus on strengthening peer-to-peer collaboration amongst faculty and staff, as well as empowering faculty leadership in DEI.

Purpose of Diversity University

Facilitate open, honest, and respectful dialogue connected to critical diversity-related issues in education and how our personal experiences and perspectives inform our understanding and practice.

  • Broaden and deepen understanding;
  • Promote culture of collaboration and exchange of ideas;
  • Model effective communication on complex issues;
  • Support intentional anti-bias work through a variety of lenses.
Considerations for effective dialogue:
  • Speak from the “I” perspective;
  • Listen for understanding;
  • Respect different realities;
  • Share air time;
  • Take risks and lean in;
  • Be fully present.

Diversity University Sessions Have Included:

  • Tools for Navigating Racialized Conversations
  • Case Studies “What to do when…”
  • Anti-Racist Activities, Lessons, and Ideas
  • Exploring the Concept of “White Fragility” from Robin DiAngelo
  • Navigating Racial Microaggressions
  • Socio-Economic Diversity
  • Difficulty Diversity Related Conversations
  • Understanding Gender Identity Development
  • Exploring Social Identity as Educators
  • Understanding Gender and Sexuality Diversity
  • Racial Literacy
  • Among others…
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