Clubs and Groups

A variety of extracurricular programs and clubs are offered to Norwood students throughout the school year. While participation in these activities is optional, many students take advantage of the opportunity and join. Typically these groups meet during lunch periods or immediately after school. Occasionally a group might have a commitment on a weekend. Teachers who have a personal interest in the activity generally serve as advisors.

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  • Athletics for Fifth Grade & Sixth Grade

    In addition to their regular physical education class, Norwood’s fifth and sixth graders have the option to participate in the interscholastic athletics program and the School’s signature outdoor education program called Summit. Practices and games take place after school. Fall options: soccer, field hockey, cross country, volleyball (girls), and Summit; winter options: basketball, strength and conditioning, and Summit; spring options: lacrosse, baseball, softball, track and field, and Summit.
  • Book Clubs

    Book clubs are held monthly for students in fourth grade, fifth and sixth grades, and seventh and eighth grades. Fourth graders meet with a lower school reading teacher and middle school students meet with the middle school librarian to discuss possible titles and choose a book by voting.
  • Debate Team

    Seventh and eighth graders have the opportunity to join the newly organized Debate Team. Led by a faculty member with experience as a debater and debate coach, the team meets during the week and on Saturday mornings leading up to tournaments. Students learn how to argue, research, and use evidence to support arguments. The team participates in the District of Columbia Urban Debate League.
  • Drama

    Seventh and eighth graders have the opportunity to participate in two theatrical productions each year -- the fall play in November and the spring musical in May. In addition to acting, students can help with set design and construction, sound, lighting, costumes, and make-up. Learn more about Norwood's drama program.

    DREAM is a new group for seventh and eighth graders who wish to engage in important and meaningful conversations to broaden understanding and explore ways to take action on issues of identity, diversity, equity, and inclusion. DREAM seemed a fitting name for our new group, as it symbolizes the meaning behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic statement “I have a dream…”, and reflects the hopes our students have for a more peaceful, equitable, and just world. DREAM provides a space for students to engage their peers through guided dialogue, reflective exercises, and mindful games and activities, while providing opportunities for students to consider how they are empowered to act in regards to our school community and beyond. Students are in the driver seat in DREAM, and we’re excited to see where their journey takes us!
  • GLOW

    Growing Leaders of Our World is a group of fifth and sixth graders who meet once a month for activities and discussion on topics of equity and diversity.
  • Green Hawks

    Students participate in student-led green projects around the school. From recycling to composting to re- using, Green Hawks help investigate and address new avenues to become a greener school. The goal is to educate others and to consistently look for ways to improve upon Norwood's environmentally friendly practices.
  • Horizons

    Norwood is a partner school for Horizons Greater Washington and hosts a six-week academic enrichment program every summer for low-income children. Norwood students, parents, alumni, teachers, and staff have the opportunity to help out at various Horizons events throughout the year, as well as volunteer during the summer program. Contact our Site Director, Virginia Murphy, for information about how you can help with Horizons.
  • Math Clubs & Teams

    Math enthusiasts in both the Lower School and Middle School are invited to join math clubs. Students in grades 2-4 meet with a parent for Monday Morning Math on a weekly basis before school to participate in math games, puzzles, and challenges. Fifth and sixth graders have their own math club, which also meets before school.

    In addition, middle school students interested in competitive math opportunities are able to join a Norwood math team to compete in MATHCOUNTS events (a national competition for sixth through eighth graders), Independent School Math Association meets, and the annual Carderock Math Contest at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division.
  • Model United Nations

    Model UN is a great opportunity for seventh and eighth grades to learn about our world and sharpen their research and public-speaking skills while role-playing delegates to the United Nations. Students prepare for and participate in an annual conference at The George Washington University.
  • Newspaper Club

    The fourth-grade Newspaper Club meets every other week to write and design the student-run Norwood News. Under the guidance of a faculty adviser, the students brainstorm topics and then research and write articles about school news for the bimonthly newspaper. Norwood News is by kids and for kids!
  • Student Advisory Council

    Comprised of 12 middle school students, three representatives from each grade, the SAC meets bi- monthly to discuss issues of student concern, to plan Spirit Days, and to act as the voice of the middle school student population in conversations with faculty and staff. Representatives are selected by faculty members based on application essays and peer election.
  • Student Ambassador Program

    Norwood students love showing off their school to others. The Admission Office invites interested students to serve as ambassadors at open houses and new family receptions, and as hosts for visiting students. The Admission Office provides training and pizza lunches for student ambassadors.
  • Student Diversity Committee

    All students in seventh and eighth grades are invited to participate in SDC meetings, which meet approximately once per month after school on Fridays. SDC students will engage in activities and discussion to broaden understanding and explore ways to take action on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion related to school life.

    In the Middle School, students of color are invited to participate in SUCCEED, which stands for Students Seeking Understanding and Celebrating Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity. SUCCEED provides a place to come together, have fun, get better acquainted, and engage in conversation and activities.
  • Violin Program for Lower School Students

    Violin lessons utilizing the Suzuki method of teaching are available in the Lower School beginning in kindergarten. In addition to instruction, students enjoy performance opportunities throughout the year. In the past, performances have included playing the National Anthem at a University of Maryland basketball games, concerts for the school community, and holiday performances at the White House. Learn more about Norwood's fee-based Lower School Violin Program.
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