Seventh and Eighth Graders Present "The Reluctant Dragon"

What would you do if you came across an enormous dragon in the woods? Would you run away in fear? Would you pull out a weapon and fight what you assume to be a fire-breathing, dangerous creature?
In the zany village of Veesaldorf, a young girl named Charity does neither. What ensues is a sweet and special friendship that is at the center of this year’s fall play, The Reluctant Dragon, performed on November 22 and 23, 2019.

Adapted by Ed Monk from Kenneth Grahame’s beloved dragon classic, the funny and poignant performance shows what can happen when people make assumptions. Once word gets out that a dragon has been discovered living in a cave nearby, the frightened villagers of Veesaldorf enlist the support of their incompetent mayor and her exasperated assistant to protect them from danger. Little do they know that Charity has befriended the kind-hearted dragon whose main interests are sipping tea, eating cookies, and writing poetry.

Knowing that her new friend is in danger, Chastity concocts a plan to protect the dragon, resulting in a staged battle to placate the villagers and show them that dragons are peaceful creatures. Throughout this charming and funny tale, the audience is reminded of important lessons—about assumptions that can lead to misunderstandings, about the power of friendship and teamwork, and about the rewards of being kind and thoughtful.

Congratulations to the hard-working cast and crew, technical director Kirby Mahoney, set and prop designer Marie Darling, costumer designer Claudia Logan, and director Emily Nichols. They didn’t slay the dragon, but they most definitely did slay the performance!

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