Learning About Houses Around the World in 2nd Grade

Second graders have been learning about all the different kinds of houses around the world. Some people live in houses made of mud, or logs, and some are built on stilts. They were surprised to find out that more than 30 million people today still live in caves! 
Equipped with newfound knowledge, each student then selected a house design and a specific location on the globe where their chosen house could be found. This decision was fueled by their curiosity about different cultures and environments, turning the classroom into a mini global village.

The excitement peaked as the students sketched out blueprints of their chosen homes. These weren't just any drawings; they were the first step in bringing their architectural visions to life. The classroom buzzed with creative energy as these young architects discussed their designs and planned their next steps.

Then came the most hands-on part of the project: building the models! Using recycled materials like cardboard, and plastic bottles, the students transformed their blueprints into three-dimensional models of homes. This activity was not only a fun way to learn about building and materials but also a great lesson in sustainability.

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