Seventh Graders Create a Roadmap for Norwood's Youngest Students

One of the pride points of the Norwood School experience are the genuine connections that form between younger and older students. Take the beloved Buddy Program, for example, where incredible, lasting friendships develop between students of different ages. 
Another example of these special cross-age connections is a unique and creative project that was driven by the Class of 2019 when the new pre-kindergarten playground opened in the fall of 2017.

A hard-surface section of the new playground is dedicated to a favorite pre-K activity: tricycle riding. But a large area of cement, a fleet of tricycles, and a group of enthusiastic four-year-old can sometimes mean mayhem. To bring some order and additional fun to trike time, science teacher and advisor Annette Matzner and students from the Class of 2019, seventh graders at the time, came up with the idea to paint a town and winding road on the cement surface. “At times the pre-K kids would come and watch us paint and give us suggestions,” recalled Annette. “When we were painting a parking lot, one of the pre-K girls asked us to include a handicapped parking spot, so some of the seventh graders researched the symbol and made sure to incorporate it into the design.”

Today, two years later, the pre-K town and roadway remain a popular destination. Each day at recess, students race to the tricycle shed to grab their helmets and trikes so they can maneuver the winding road, passing the local bank, office towers, post office, gas station, hospital, school, library—everything you need for a strong and vibrant community.

Thanks to this wonderful gift from the Class of 2019, our pre-kindergarten students are clearly starting their Norwood journeys in the fast lane!
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