Welcome to The Book Bistro - 1st Grade Reading

There’s a new restaurant in town, and it’s taking the dining (and reading) scene by storm! Called The Book Bistro, it offers an incredible selection of exciting options never before seen on a typical restaurant menu—because this is no typical restaurant.
The Book Bistro is indeed unique, appealing to only the most discerning customers, such as first graders at Norwood School, who recommend that only voracious readers with an insatiable appetite for good books, especially non-fiction books, flock to this fabulous new dining spot.

The Book Bistro was opened by head chefs and first grade homeroom teachers Julia DiTillio and Holly Simpson. They were looking for a dining/classroom experience that would engage their young customers/students in a fun and unique way. “First graders have wonderful imaginations and a great appetite for expanding their reading repertoire,” said Julia. “We knew we could tap those imaginations to build excitement for our reading unit on non-fiction books.”

The stage was set when first graders walked into their classroom and found it transformed into a restaurant. Red and white checked cloths covered the tables, and twinkling (faux) tea lights set the mood. An appetizing assortment of books was laid out on each table. With eyes wide open, these opening day guests couldn’t wait to sample the fare.

Diners were offered a four-course tasting menu featuring books about animals, sports, nature, and important people. As students rotated among the tables perusing the different menu offerings, they jotted down notes about specific books that grabbed their interest, answering questions like “What do I see?” “What do I wonder?” and “What do I think?” A few students were so eager and hungry to read that they sat right down at a table to dive into a book.

“The Book Bistro was a fun way to expand their book palates by introducing students to the expansive world of non-fiction reading,” said Holly. “As teachers, we want to expose our students to a wide variety of literary genres, authors, and subjects. The Book Bistro was the perfect way to set up our non-fiction unit.”
According to our budding Yelpers, the reviews are excellent, offering high marks for ambiance, menu options, service, and overall skill and professionalism of Chefs DiTillio and Simpson. Reservations for The Book Bistro are in high demand, but if you know a Norwood first grader, you just might have an in.
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