Distance Learning Program


Norwood implemented its distance learning plan on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. The Distance Learning Guide was sent to all families by Head of School Matthew Gould on March 12, 2020. Please contact Michele Claeys, Head of Middle School, or Mike Risen, Head of Lower School, if you have any questions about Norwood's distance learning program.

Our Commitment to Continuity of Learning

In a time of uncertainty, all of us at Norwood School remain committed to delivering on our child-centered, inclusive Mission and Core Beliefs. The Norwood School Plan for Continuity of Learning maintains the School’s excellent academic, arts, and wellness programs; character and values education; and strong sense of community.
Goals for Continuity of Learning 2020-2021
  1. Our number one goal is to provide In-School Learning, safely, for all students, grades PK-8, every day.
  2. At any time, if we are not permitted to be on campus, we will move to our Distance Learning Program. The daily schedules for In-School Learning and Distance Learning, while not exactly the same, will be complimentary, so the transition between them should be seamless.
  3. Whether we are on campus or not, we will continue to provide opportunities for social-emotional learning, academic enrichment and support, and community-building. As always, Norwood students will Be Known.
Important Elements of Norwood’s 2020-2021 In-School Learning Program
  1. Continuation of all academic, arts, and wellness programs with appropriate modifications to ensure safety.
  2. Modified schedule and classroom assignments to ensure small groups and to minimize movement throughout the building.
  3. Classroom set-up based on appropriate physical distancing.
  4. Daily outdoor play in small groups, with appropriate physical distancing.
  5. Rigorous adherence to health and safety protocols, including appropriate screening for students and staff, PPE, and cleaning/sanitizing throughout the day.
  6. Distance Learning services provided to students who are not able to attend school in person.
  7. Partnership with families.
Important Elements of Norwood’s 2020-2021 Distance Learning Program
  1. Distance Learning schedule that is complimentary to the In-School schedule, with the same teachers and classmates in each group, plus smaller groups as appropriate (depending on age and subject).
  2. Activities at the beginning and end of the school day to provide structure and routine for students working in their home environment.
  3. Intentional blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning every day, throughout the day, including a variety of lessons and assignments.
  4. Required class meetings in all subjects: math, reading and language arts, social studies, science, world language, visual arts, music and drama, and physical education.
  5. On-going assessment of student progress and regular feedback for students (and, in the Middle School, graded assessments using a wide variety of assessment tools).
  6. Connection, community-building, and individual support provided by the Homeroom Teacher or Advisor, and the Student Support Team.
  7. Partnership with families.

Located in Bethesda, MD, Norwood School develops students in grades PK-8 into confident lifelong learners who have the academic, character, and leadership skills to succeed in high school and beyond. Recognizing that children are multi-faceted, Norwood provides many opportunities for safe risk-taking, exploration, discovery, and growth in a nurturing, supportive, and inclusive school community.