On Thursday, October 4, Norwood School hosted a workshop sponsored by the Association of Independent Maryand Schools (AIMS) for teachers of world languages: "Making Meaningful Interactive Learning the Center of Your World Language Classroom."
Nearly 30 teachers attended the workshop, which explored how to make world language learning a meaningful part of the educational landscape. How do world language teachers make their classrooms reflect global citizenship through interactive, content driven, and connected instruction? Led by Amanda Seewald, the director of the MARACAS Spanish Program for Young Learners, the workshop focused on helping teachers learn more about themselves as instructors and provided tools and strategies to develop an instructional model that works in their individual classrooms. Working in learning centers based on content themes, participants collaborated to create and plan classroom activities, and discussed how to connect topics to broader themes while using high-leverage teaching practices.

Presenter Information: 
Amanda Seewald is a dynamic language educator and the director of the MARACAS Spanish Program for Young Learners. She teaches in a variety of New Jersey schools and works as a consultant to provide professional development and training to world languages teachers. Ms. Seewald taught in the Arlington Public Schools Spanish Immersion program and completed a graduate degree in Multilingual/ Multicultural Curriculum and Instruction at George Mason University. She speaks Spanish, French, and Japanese. She has held leadership positions and is active in professional organizations such as NELL, ACTFL and FLENJ (immediate past-president.) She is the author and director of the MARACAS Spanish Program for Young Learners. She is a strong advocate for world languages as an essential part of a child’s education. She has been on Capitol Hill and has worked with legislators towards this goal. Ms. Seewald’s trainings are interactive professional development workshops that inspire teachers and provide them with practical activities and strategies to use in their language classrooms.
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