List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Are there any feeder schools to Norwood?

    No and we celebrate this fact. We receive applications from children who attend over 100 schools in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. A kindergarten class is typically made up of children from more than 20 different schools and programs.
  • Typically how many students are new to each grade each year?

    Pre-K: 15 
    Kindergarten: 32 (16 for the 2018-19 school year)
    Grade1: 10-12
    Grade 2: 4-6
    Grade 3: 6-8
    Grade 4: 8-10
    Grade 5: 4-6
    Grade 6: 5-8
    Grade 7: 2-4
    Grade 8: 0
  • How does Norwood make admission decisions?

    All aspects of a student's file (school transcript, teacher recommendation(s), parent interview, performance on required testing, Norwood visit, and parent interview notes) are reviewed carefully by the appropriate Admission Committee. Admission Committees include admission officers, teachers, learning specialists, and principals. Admission decisions balance the Admission Committee's assessment of a child's preparation for the grade to which she/he is applying and its effort to enroll a well-balanced class.
  • How will I know that my application is complete?

    We will mail you a postcard when your application is complete. If your application is incomplete in late January, we will send you a postcard indicating which pieces are outstanding. You can always check the status of your file by logging into your Norwood application and clicking “View Status”.
  • What are the possible admission decisions?

    Qualified applicants receive either a letter of acceptance or one offering a place in the wait-pool. Those who are accepted receive an enrollment contract which must be completed and returned to the School with a deposit by March 17. A wait-pool letter signifies that the applicant met all admission requirements but has applied to a grade where not enough spaces are available to accommodate the number of qualified applicants. If the Admission Committee finds that Norwood is not a good match for an applicant at the time of application, the applicant receives a letter of denial.
  • Does applying for financial aid influence the admission decision?

    No. Norwood School accepts students based on academic merit, test scores, references, and personal qualities. Financial aid files are reviewed and awards made only after a student is admitted. However, financial aid requests must be made by the February 1 deadline in order for an award to be considered.

    Financial Aid
  • How can parents get involved at Norwood?

    Norwood School greatly values its strong partnership with parents and there are many ways for parents to get involved in the daily life of the school -- from Parents Association-sponsored events to grade-specific celebrations. The School and Parents Association work hard to create opportunities that work for all families. Norwood would not be the wonderful and welcoming school it is without our parent volunteers!

    Norwood Parents Association
  • What opportunities are there for families of students of color?

    The Parents of Students of Color Committee (PSCC) was established to further build a community at Norwood that understands and acts on issues of special concern to families of color and institutes plans and programs to help students achieve the highest level of personal and academic success. The group also works with the School to celebrate the unique perspectives that children from a variety of backgrounds bring to our classrooms and lives. For information about additional diversity initiatives at Norwood, visit the Diversity at Norwood page.
  • Where do Norwood graduates go to high school?

    Norwood graduates do not “feed” into a small group of high schools. In fact, the Class of 2016 attends 18 different high schools. That’s one of the distinguishing aspects of Norwood: graduates attend “best-fit” high schools where their unique talents, strengths, and gifts can continue to shine.

    Students from the Class of 2016 were accepted at the following high schools and will attend those schools in bold:

    Bullis School
    Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School
    Charles H. Flowers High School – Science and Technology Program
    Connelly School of the Holy Child
    Ensworth School (Nashville, TN)
    Episcopal High School
    Field School
    Georgetown Day School
    Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School
    Holton-Arms School
    Landon School

    Madeira School
    Maret School
    McLean School
    Montgomery Blair High School – IB Program
    National Cathedral School
    Northwest High School - Ulysses Signature Program
    Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
    Peddie School
    Potomac School
    Sandy Spring Friends School
    Sidwell Friends School
    St. Albans School
    St. Andrew's Episcopal School
    St. John's College High School
    Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
    University School of Nashville (TN)
    Walt Whitman High School
    Washington & Lee High School
     – IB Program

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