The Diversity Leadership Council’s (DLC) mission is to promote engaged citizenship and advance institutional diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competence. During its 2017 summer retreat, DLC members organized into three sub-committees and identified the following goals for the coming school year:
Engage in learning and work around implicit/explicit bias.
  • Encourage faculty to take the Implicit Association Test from Harvard’s Project Implicit.
  • Create easily accessible and informational posters about implicit bias and anti-bias practice.
  • Research ways to provide counter-stereotypical imagery or messaging.
  • Lead discussions on anti-bias practices and curricula.
  • Research data collection methods to help guide decision making on a policy and pedagogical level.
Improve culturally competent communication.
  • Review Dr. Jones’ 13 Skills for Culturally Competent Communication from the student perspective.
  • Garner feedback from faculty regarding age-appropriate use of 13 skills.
  • Identify classroom needs regarding culturally competent communication.
  • Provide resources and support to teachers teaching these skills in intentional ways.
Support our approach and response to the current socio-political climate and current events generally.
  • Engage in outreach to area school leaders around different approaches or protocols for engaging students on these issues.
  • Create a reference guide for teachers to utilize when confronted with challenging circumstances.
  • Create a poster with a quick framework for students to use as they engage in tough conversations.

DLC-Created Posters

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