DVD Store - Videos 2007-2008

Most 2007-2008 performances can be watched online. Click on the button below to access the video streaming section.

Kindergarten '16
Halloween Program

Kindergarten '16
Gifts of the Apple Tree

1st Grade ' 15
The Mammal Family

2nd Grade '14
Children of Japan

3rd Grade '13
America Sings

4th Grade '12
The Story of Jazz

4th Grade - Katz's Reading Class

5th Grade '11
1,001 Arabian Nights

6th Grade '10
Spooky Stories of Sleepy Hollow

7th & 8th Grades '08 & '09
Blithe Spirit

7th & 8th Grade '08 - '09
Hello Dolly!

Hello Dolly!, Friday, May 16th

Hello Dolly!, Saturday, May 17th

Lower School
Christmas Pageant

Lower School
Winter Festival Concert

Middle School
Winter Festival Concert

5th and 6th Grade '10 & '11
Spring Concert

7th and 8th Grade '08 & '09
Spring Concert